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Dynamic Risk Assessment Systems

Prerequisites / Fees

You do not require any additional applications or installations. The program is accessible via your web browser, you just need to log in with your personal login information (cf. data protection).


DyRiAS has been designed for experts of all professions who deal with risk assessment and case management in their respective fields. These professions are expected to assess the risk of violence presented by an individual of concern – often with no additional forensic training.

The use of the system requires the purchase of a license and the participation in a two-day (or one-day) training seminar. The training is regularly offered by I:P:Bm and can also be booked as an in-house seminar. Also, online training seminars on the use of the DyRiAS systems are currently being developed.

All DyRiAS licenses are personalized, i.e. the access is granted only to the registered user. All technical and scientific updates are included in the license. A license can be purchased only after participation in a training seminar. The user is then authorized to carry out any number of case assessments for his/her organization.


The DyRiAS modules are the result of several years of development work, scientific expertise, and international co-operation. DyRiAS-Intimate Partners is the only tool world-wide that takes into account the various dynamics of intimate partner homicides that have been identified by scientific research and have been known in clinical practice for some time now. DyRiAS-School is internationally the as yet only scientifically developed and validated risk assessment tool for the prevention of school shootings.

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The rates apply for each module.

Upon request, the fees are also payable in Swiss francs (CHF).

The use of the system outside of organizations / institutions or for commercial purposes is not permitted. Should you require an extended license to cover these domains, please contact us.


Should you be interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us.